TIGME.COM designs and develops websites with static and / or dynamic content, using various programming languages such as PHP, MySQL and Actionscript, and is also a reseller of webspace (hosting). All clients - prospective and existing - are subject to the terms, conditions and disclaimers listed below. By accepting our quotes and accepting our services, TIGME.COM assumes that you have read, understood and agree to these terms, conditions and disclaimers. If any client does not agree with or accept any of the terms, conditions and disclaimers below, please be kind enough not to engage our services.

General ..
Warranties, Service Fees, Rates and Refunding

All products are charged at competitive retail prices and hardware and software purchased from TIGME.COM remain our property until the invoice is paid in full.

Design and programming fees are calculated at an hourly rate, while all hosting services are charged on a monthly basis, which is - by prior arrangement - payable on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. Any cancellations of hosting services must be in writing and 30 days in advance.

Hourly rates and hosting fees may be changed without prior notification.

Should any hosting client be in arrears for more than two months, such hosting contract will be cancelled without delay and interest will be added to the outstanding amount at the maximum interest rate.

All hosting fees are due on the last day of each month, quarter or year according to the terms agreed on beforehand. No refund will be given for cancellations made in less than 31 days prior to the cancellation date.

Any bank fees or costs incurred due to non-payment or failed transactions will be added to the client's account.

We consider any acceptance or purchase – in writing or otherwise – of any service or product as a binding agreement between the client and TIGME.COM that stands until it is terminated in writing by either party.

Internet Services ..
Propriety and Conduct

TIGME.COM delivers services with integrity and strives to be legal on all levels of business, tools, equipment and products. We uphold any and all national and international laws, moral laws or local jurisdiction and as such, expects all our clients to uphold these same laws. No exceptions will be made. As a client of TIGME.COM we cannot allow you to:

.. post or transmit any abusive, defamatory, indecent, libellous, obscene, offensive, political, pornographic, threatening, lawfully illegal content by displaying or selling pirated content and / or products or any objectionable information whatsoever. You may not publish or sell any information, products, software or content that may give rise to civil liability, that violates the privacy of any person, group or company or any copyright, trademark, registered product or property of any kind.

.. prevent any other Internet user from utilising the available information or products on the Internet by any means.

.. cause any physical, psychological or electronic damage to any other user or equipment due to information or software that contains viruses or harmful components that has been posted, reproduced or distributed by you.

.. you may not commercially exploit any content, information, product or software without the express permission of any such provider or producer of the various material.

Internet Services ..
Warranties, Indemnification, Cancellation or Discontinuation

We, TIGME.COM, is not responsible or liable for any attorneys' fees, costs, damages, expenses, losses, penalties, claims or any legal action against you as a result of information, products or software posted, published or sold by you, the client, on the webspace provided by TIGME.COM or any other legal action taken against you. Should you post, transmit or sell any information, products or software in direct violation of the rules set out in this agreement or any other violations of any national or international laws, TIGME.COM reserves the right to terminate the services immediately and without prior notice.

By agreeing to these terms and accepting our quote, you agree that TIGME.COM may monitor any and all information, products or software uploaded onto the Internet in order to maintain their high standards of service and information. All services by TIGME.COM are provided on an "as is" and "availability" basis without any warranties that the service will be uninterrupted or error free.

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